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Scottsdale’s Upholstery Cleaning Experts

When you live in the Scottsdale area, you want your upholstery and furniture in your home to look great. That is why you get the pieces of furniture that you love to make a home look the best that you can. In order to keep it looking great, you will need to have an upholstery cleaner that is available to you at the time that you need it. We are Spring Clean Carpet & Tile Cleaning and we are proud to be able to assist you with your upholstery cleaning.

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What Makes us Different?

You’ll enjoy options when searching for upholstery cleaning in the Scottsdale.

Our services are excellent
We are an upholstery cleaner in Scottsdale that will be able to offer you a variety of options to keep your furniture looking the best. Since we have a staff that is extremely talented and experienced, you’ll feel confident when they come to your home. They’re experts at what they do and you will be pleased with the work that they will complete.
We offer fantastic pricing
Some people attempt to clean their area rugs themselves before they seek out professional help. However, DIY stain removal is not a very effective method to use on area rugs, and also you run the risk that you will ruin the color of your rug. At Spring Clean, you will receive effective stain removal even on the toughest areas, and also we know what to do to protect your rug from getting damaged while we are cleaning it.
Our products are safe and eco-friendly
You never have to worry about the products that we use to clean your upholstery. The products are the top-of-the-line and the vast majority are eco-friendly. You can be sure that they are always safe to use on your delicate fabrics with your upholstery.
Fabrics that we clean
We can clean anything that you have. Our team will clean your furniture that is made of cotton, linen, polyester, microfiber, and all kinds of other materials. You can call us at any time that you have a question about whether or not we can clean your particular piece. Our answer will likely be a yes so that you can feel confident in contacting us for the care that you need with your furniture at all times.
When should you have your furniture cleaned
Throughout our numerous years of experience, we have had the opportunity to delight hundreds of customers. Those highly pleased customers demonstrate just how effective our area rug cleaning services are.

How Does the Process Work for Cleaning Your Furniture?

Our system offers a great approach. You simply contact us so that we know what you are looking for. When we come to your home, we will offer our cleaning services to you. When you see our fantastic prices, you can give us the go-ahead and then we will begin our process which is as follows:

  1. Initial – This is the beginning of cleaning your furniture. At this time, we use a pre-clean vacuum process that gets the particles up that are loose. We can also check for spots and stains at this time.
  2. Target – We target specific areas that need more attention during this part of the process. We will use treatments on the stains and spots to make sure that they are not a problem.
  3. Primary – Our primary cleaning is done with a heating process. This is a full and complete cleaning of your upholstery.
  4. Wash/Rinse – This is a continuation of the cleaning process. It goes deeper and fully gets rid of more particles in the fabrics.
  5. Final – During this stage, we use a tool brush. This picks up even more particles and is especially useful with thicker fabrics.
  6. Drying – We dry your furniture. It is then available for regular use after our drying process is completed. Generally, the drying will take up to four to six hours for extended use of the furniture. In most cases, you will not have much planned right away after the cleaning of your furniture.

Additional Services

Area And Oriental Rug Cleaning

We clean rugs with green mixtures that are totally safe for use. These cleaners are safe even for households with small children or pets.

Carpet Cleaning

We clean and maintain carpeting with our top-of-the-line equipment and cleaning products that keep the environment in mind.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

To get tile and grout looking their absolute best, you’re going to need more than a sponge and a cleaning spray from the grocery store.

Mattress Cleaning

Accidents happen, and we don’t see why your mattress would be an exception. We can clean your bed from hair, dust, pet dander, and other dirt and stains.

We Offer Stain Guards And Protections For Your Furniture

We will discuss all of the options that you will have in order to protect your furniture. We take into consideration the age, color, use, and more when we recommend which type of stain guard or protection that you will want to use for your particular piece. Since this is all a matter of the individual item, we take the time to go through this with you so that you understand why a certain product will be better for use than another. Our experts will answer any of the questions that you might have about this important element of caring for your furniture.

Upholstery Cleaning Pricing

Sofa and Love Seat Cleaning


Full Size Sofa/Couch Cleaning


Frequently Asked Questions

Through the years, we’ve responded to a lot of upholstery cleaning questions for our consumers. Right here’s a look at responses at a few of the most frequently asked questions:

Exactly how often should I get my furniture cleaned?
When you buy furniture, you’re making a financial investment – as well as you wish to secure the greatest return feasible on that particular investment. The “best” means in order to ensure you get the most from your upholstered furniture is to have it cleansed at least once a year, and ideally two times a year. Twice yearly upholstery cleaning ensures that each cleaning is much less intensive and also extra effective.
Do I truly need expert furniture cleaning?
Yes, due to the fact that you can only do so much on your own with the help of store-bought products. When you hire specialist upholstery cleaning, you get professionals who are utilizing cleaning products and procedures that you would not be able to duplicate. You’ll get better outcomes, you’ll save your own time, and also you also don’t have to worry about fading the colors of your upholstery or otherwise damaging it.
How much time does the drying procedure take?
Rely on around 4 to 6 hrs for the furniture to completely dry totally. The actual amount of time relies on what kind of upholstery you have, but err on the side of waiting much longer for it to fully completely dry.
Is stain guard or other securites readily available?
Definitely. We can make referrals on what kinds of treatments your furniture would certainly benefit from, and we can always use any type of treatment that you want. The best treatments we have found are Scotchgard, though for your furniture will rely on its size, age, shade and also lots of other features. We’ll be happy to show you your options.

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

We utilize many organic, safe substances for maintaining fresh and attractive wall-to-wall carpets. No harsh detergents or chemicals.

Mattress Cleaning

We can ensure your bed is devoid of embedded hair, skin, and various other fragments – plus stains.

Furniture Cleaning

We’ll take out pet stains as well as old spills from your furniture using our proprietary Deep Cleansing Approach.

Area Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleanings utilize mostly eco-friendly mixes that are secure for usage around even the smallest family members.

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